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Welcome to my personal photography site! Here, several clickable galleries will take you to a selection of my favorite captures from my years exploring the art of image-making. Each image tells a story, and there's a story behind each image. Some shots required weeks to months of planning and waiting for the right opportunity to arise; hours of driving or flying to get to the right location; critical decisions regarding composition and exposure with minutes, or sometimes even seconds, and no second chances to nail the shot. And, the endeavor to  create something visceral and exciting doesn't end there. I process every digital image I capture with a range of advanced software, obsessing over every shadow, every highlight, every glimmer of color, every texture, pressing the raw information contained in each pixel toward a collective state that realizes the original vision.

All of my images on this site are available for print on a wide variety of fine art paper, mounted canvas, metal, or wood media. Additional framing options are also available. All artistic print orders are fulfilled by Bay Photo Lab, who ensure that every order meets the highest standards of quality. To place an order, click on the photo you would like, and click "Buy". This will take you to an intuitive screen describing all your purchasing options. Note that watermarks will not appear on final prints.

Digital downloads also are available for dazzling desktop wallpapers and screensavers! Alternatively, for those who would prefer to use their own print lab, I offer full-resolution digital downloads for personal use only.  As with print orders, clicking "Buy" on a photograph will take you to a list of options that includes digital downloads.

Most Popular Prints and New Releases

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