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I am a husband, a father, a physicist, and a passionate photographer.  I spend my professional life working to achieve thermonuclear fusion - a potentially limitless and clean energy source that fuels our sun and every other star in the visible universe - in the laboratory.  On any given day, I exploit the fundamental laws of nature, captured in elegant mathematical theory and some of the world's most advanced computer simulations, to devise new experimental platforms aimed at creating some of the most extreme environments on Earth, with temperatures reaching tens of millions of degrees and pressures millions to billions of times that of our own atmosphere.  There is indescribable amazement and satisfaction when things go right; intrigue and humility when things don't go as expected; and a ceaseless procession of profound mysteries as we strive to determine what Mother Nature has in store for us.

My lifelong pursuit of a deeper understanding of the laws governing the natural world and my occasional frustration with the inability to see and feel the objects of my creation (which would inevitably subject me to great bodily harm!) naturally led me to explore more tactile ways to appreciate the universe around me.  Photography helps me capture and express the way in which I perceive the many beautiful and awe-inspiring facets of the human experience, from the deep love and fascination evoked by my two wonderful children and their incomparable mother, to the gritty austerity of Earth's inclement weather and widely varied topography, to the unimaginable and boundless splendor of space.  I spend much of my free time devising new ways to tell stories and juxtapose human and natural elements in formats that rouse our emotions and invigorate our sense of wonder.

I am excited to share my work with you.  Thank you very much for visiting!

Learn more about my exciting day-job as a plasma physicist and fusioneer!

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